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My top favorite albums of the year 2010
me and friends
First a disclamer: I listened to a lot of older music this year. Some new stuff but, for example, I didn’t hear the new West Coast or Wavves or Janelle Monae or a bunch of other shit that sounds like I would absolutely love. So this is all about what I did listen to but it’s in NO WAY a best of 2010 compilation, you’ll need to look elsewhere for that.

Special mention, motherfuckers:

Anfan  The Orbits And Brightness of Girls
Yeah I’m putting my album on there. Clearly, much better music has been made this year, but I’m proud of this and once in a while I put it on and I’m a little taken by surprise by how well some of it works. It’s my top favorite albums and I can do whatever I want. Yup.
You can listen to the song Wonderful & Beautiful & Far right here

10 - LCD Sound System  This Is Happening
I can’t stop listening to Drunk Girls, it’s such a great tune! There are other amazing hits on this. It’s a great walking-down-the-street-thinking-you’re-king-of-everything album.
Watch one of this year’s best videos, Drunk Girls, right here 
Get this album in every format imaginable right here

09 - Deerhunter  Halcyon Digest
A dreamy weird pop opus that, I'm pretty sure, soundtracked most of my dreams since it's release. 
Check out the video for the lovely Helicopter right here
Buy this groovy album right the fuck here

08 - Wolf Parade  Expo 86
Some people were let down by this album. I don’t get it, it’s fucking fantastic. The most synth heavy Wolf Parade album ever, this is filled with hooks and anthems and more subtle but no less effective tunes. It played a bunch and will continue to for years to come.
Hear them sing about astronaut loneliness in the fist pumping rock anthem Yulia right here
 Buy the album from their label, Sub Pop, right here

07 - The National  High Violet
I’m not sure what to write about this album. It’s quiet and restraint (except when it’s not) and beautiful and hypnotic and I love the range of it’s lead singer. He rarely goes for the high dramatic notes. He stays where he comfortable and great and man it fucking works for him. Bravo.
Let The National carry you into sonic bliss with Bloodbuzz Ohio right here
Buy the album from the band right here

06 - Broken Social Scene  Forgiveness Rock Record
The rock record to beat this year. The amount of classic tunes that I’ll never get tired of on this record is staggering. From the instant classic World Sick to the nothing short of brilliant Sweetest Kill. I could list all the great songs on this but you know what? Save me some time and just get the album. Oh, and get it legally. This band is not U2, they are not rolling in money and could do with great record sales. Just saying…
Listen to the haunting Sweetest Kill right here 
Buy this amazing album right fuckin' here

05 - Sleigh Bells  Treats
Loudest. Pop record. Ever.
Listen to the loud ass motherfucker that is Tell ‘Em right here 
Their official site has a bunch of different links to buy the album, YAY!

04 - Love Is All  Two Thousand And Ten Injuries
I have been with Love Is All since their very beginning and the infectious energy of their every record is still as vibrant and colorful now as it ever was. I heart them.
Listen to the punky pop classic Bigger Bolder right here
Buy this amazing album right here

03 - Robyn  Body Talk
Move over Lady Gaga. Be quiet Christina Aguilemfkandlkjtga. All you other contenders, sit down and learn. Robyn has released the definite 2010 dancefloor girl pop epic album. Equal parts romantic heart break songs and fist pumping dance anthems, this quirky album is everything I needed a new Robyn album to be. And her duo with Snoop Dog is TEN TIMES BETTER than the song he did with Katy Perry. Point – Robyn.
Listen to Dancing On My Own right here 
By this album from for a tiny $10 right here

02 - The Love Language  Libraries
Any other year this would have had the number one spot. A perfect pop album. Mesmerizing, at times super quiet and at times completely epic, this album never loses it’s aching sincerity. It’s hard to find in stores (though Cheap Thrills might have it) but you can get it from the iTunes store right now. And… you should. Go. Now.
Listen to Heart To Tell right here 
Buy the album directly from The Love Language right here
(I don't have a picture with the album because I bought it on iTunes for a tiny $9.99 - it had bonus tracks and stuff. Still, check out the cover art here)

01 - Arcade Fire  The Suburbs
Miles ahead of it’s competition, The Arcade Fire’s new album was for me the most rewarding listen of the entire year. I never put this album on shuffle, I think the song order is absolutely perfect. There isn’t a single dud on this 16 track long player. This isn’t an album filled with anthemic crescendos, it doesn’t have a No Cars Go, or a Wake Up. It’s much subtler (mostly) and it’s much more about the whole thing than about scattered moments through out. In that sense, each song works much better between it’s predecessor and the one that follows it than on it’s own. No that they are bad songs, I’m just trying to sell you on listening to the whole thing instead of skipping through it looking for the hits. I love this album, it’s perfect.
Listen to an incredible live version of Ready To Start right here 
Buy the album directly from Arcade Fire right here


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