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Being punctual...
me and friends

Reasons why being punctual sucks:

1- In the event of a full scale invasion, punctual people will die first, because late people are probably still in the shower or something, and invaders hate getting wet. Everybody knows that.

‎2- Late people bond together on account of their common lateness. Punctual people are alone, all punctual and shit.

‎3- Punctual people live life less. They sit around waiting while late people are living it up somewhere else, somewhere awesome where someone is possibly giving out grape juice for free...

‎4- Punctual people have less stories to tell about why they are late. Because they were not late. Late people have cool lateness stories full of twists and maybe even celebrities...

‎5- Other people want to punch punctual people in the face because it's totally pretentious and cocky to be on time. What are you? Perfect? Just because you can look at a watch and get somewhere at a certain time? Fuck you, dude. Fuck. you.


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