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I guess I should explain this...
me and friends
Previous post? Called Chapter 1? Here's the deal:
About 16 or 17 year ago I started writing a book.  I think I made it to like 50 pages or whatever, before I realize it was narratively a complete mess and I had no clue where I was going with it. Now, a few weeks back I found it again, where I had left it, and re-read the first chapter. It had a plane crashing into a sky scraper within just a few paragraphs (this was, obviously, well before 9/11). As you can probably imagine it became obvious to me that I had to share this with the world, so with very little modifications I posted it. Plane crash and all. There are more chapters and I have every intention of posting them all right here in this little internet blog of mine. I mean why not? If I calculated correctly there are currently MAYBE 6 people who sometimes read my blogs. It's safe to assume that posting these little bits of adolescent literature won't ruin my illustrious public image. Doing this is fun for me because it means revisiting this story that I began a super long time ago, and there's some good ideas in there so I thought it would be interesting. Also I never post anything so I kind of owe you. This is my promise, every couple of weeks I will post a new chapter of the book, I will most likely rewrite some stuff in it but I'll try to not fuck with it too much, I kind of like that it feels like it's written with absolute naivety. And maybe, just maybe, when I run out of chapters I write new ones, who knows?
I hope you enjoy this.


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